Colchicum season 2006 underway; Habenaria
Sun, 27 Aug 2006 21:43:38 PDT
Sorry Jim if I sent it to you 3 times with the pics attached, my email was saying it was not going through! Anyway here are my (rare in this busy gardening and work season) written notes....

This year these tuberous rooted orchids came up great in their captive containers. The containers have holes drilled in about two inches from the bottoms to allow some water to pool there. They are regularly flushed by rain water, and on dry days, collected rain or distilled water. In winter the containers are moved up against the east facing concrete foundation of the house and covered with a tarp. I suppose they do freeze through solidly on occasion. Both plants started from 2 original tubers many years ago. The Platanthera blephariglottis is in pure New Jersey inland "sugar sand" although a mat of sphagnum has established itself on some of the surface and a venus Fly Trap was introduced this year. A few pea-like Pecteilis radiata tubers were tucked in there last year also. Only this container received a weak fertilizer solution on rare occasion last year and also early this spring. The larger Pecteilis alone container are in living sphagnum moss only. This has grown up rather high and has smothered Sarracenias, Droseras, and all else but a stray Pogonia ophioglossoides strand and a few Elepogon Carson orchid plants. No fertilizer was ever put there.

The Platantheras opened in mid-July and the Pecteilis late July. It is interesting to note that both species were once included in the genus Habenaria. Fertile seeds of a cross between the two that I made last year have been sent out for sowing.

Bonaventure Magrys
coastal (Raritan Bay shore) central New Jersey

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