Amaryllis belladonna blooming

Angelo Porcelli
Tue, 15 Aug 2006 11:50:22 PDT
Here in south of Italy I have yet to see a flower, a few scapes are just emerging suddenly these two days, since we got a good rain last week. Till then we hadn't any drop. By converse Lycoris squamigera and sprengeri are in full bloom, squamigera started at the end of July and without any watering. I am really pleased with them, very reliable in spite of my climate. I suspect that northen locations get Amaryllis belladonna blooming earlier then southern. Would be interesting to hear from Californians from San Francisco to LA if they see any delay. In my area, without any rain or supplemtal watering, belladonna don't bloom till late August, early September being the normal time, but I use to 'drive' a flowering for mid August giving a good drench in late July. Anyway, only the normal strain of belladonna is sensitive to this trick, while other forms will wait till early September or later.

Angelo Porcelli
south of Italy

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