Crinum asiaticum germination

Joe Shaw
Sun, 20 Aug 2006 15:14:24 PDT
Hi Gang,

From time to time I have seeds of tropical-type Crinum.  The mother plants 
are garden forms of C. asiaticum or similar plants; the leaves can be red, 
green, slim, or wide.   Very often the seeds are huge.

The seeds often take a long time to germinate.  Typicaly, I put them on top 
of good soil in a 2- gallon container and leave them under a porch where 
they get rain, bright light, and no frost even though there might be frost 
on the grass some feet away.  Indoors germination has not sped things up. 
Because they are Crinum, I tried a couple of obvious variations (several 
months just sitting dry, etc.), but there is no fooling these seeds.

The seeds take their time to germinate, each germinating on its own 
schedule.  Sometimes these "tropicals" germinate soon after they come out of 
the pod, even while half in the pod and spilling out; sometimes waiting till 
the following spring.  I wonder if anyone has the same experience.


Conroe, TX
Not so hot today, but still no rain.

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