Repotting Tecophilaea

Jane McGary
Mon, 21 Aug 2006 09:16:14 PDT
Rodger asked,

The type form and var. leichtlinii seem to have done well and formed
>a reasonable number of flowering size corms, but var. violcacea
>formed only what you might call "half size" corms.

In my experience, violacea is markedly less hardy than the typical T. 
cyanocrocus. I don't think there is any important difference between ssp. 
cyanocrocus and ssp. leichtlinii; judging from the description of the 
rediscovered wild populations, they are just color variants, the latter 
having more white in the throat.

I grow mine in a mix with a lot of pumice (including fines), which is what 
they would have in the wild; it provides ample iron and potassium.

Jane McGary 

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