Crinums & water

Fri, 11 Aug 2006 10:29:34 PDT
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>I think it would be a mistake to water well all species of Crinum. The
> amount they need depends on the species.

Absolutely! A good point. I was referring to those that have higher water 
requirements. When they are kept watered, they respond in kind.

>Crinum foetidum, as an example, I found growing at Victoria Falls, in very 
>very dry soil which was also
>very compacted, being in a path from the station to the village. This plant 
>had 7 flowers, but no doubt because of the >compacted soil was only about 
>10 inches in height.Cheers, John E. Bryan

I might still give them more water than they would receive in situ, to 
explore their potential more fully. As with desert plants grown in more 
temperate climes, they can achieve in a few years what might take decades in 
their home environment.


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