Cyrtanthus epiphyticus

Mary Sue Ittner
Sat, 05 Aug 2006 17:36:34 PDT
Blooming now from BX seed offered by Ernie O'Bryne in January 2004 is 
Cyrtanthus epiphyticus. My flowers don't look like the ones that are 
pictured on the wiki from Bill Dijk, but they do match the description in 
the Pooley books of this species. Any comments from anyone about this 
species? Bill wrote that it is a spring blooming species and I'm wondering 
if Ernie's blooms in spring and if mine is out of sync. Also the Pooley 
books describe this one as red. I remember our discussion about favorite 
colors and there is a wide range of difference of opinions of what is blue 
versus purple and red versus orange. My plants I'd describe as orange. 
Regardless, I'm happy with them and hope I can keep them alive as some of 
the Cyrtanthus I have grown from seed has gone to the happy hunting ground 
after they bloomed. Thanks Ernie for sharing your seed.…

Mary Sue

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