Scadoxus nutans

Doug Westfall
Tue, 08 Aug 2006 18:52:01 PDT
On Tuesday, August 8, 2006, at 10:32  AM, Martin Grantham wrote:

> Martin,

Thanks for the information.  I will pull a seed once in a while to see 
if it "looks" viable.

My S. cinnabarinus has not bloomed again, but it remains healthy 
looking. To the best of my information, the seeds were "collected" by 
staff from the Calif. University in central Calif. I now have two 
seedlings from the same acquisition. However, the person who had the 
second seedling did not give it "acceptable" care and it was almost 
lost. As it was "declining," it divided. I was sent 3 divisions and 
done did not make it. The other 2 seem to be growing.

Since our last communication, I have acquired two of the "miniature" S. 
multiflorus from Socotra. I do have one from an earlier gift, but the 
acquisition data on that one is slightly different. They are doing 
quite well.

Well, let's keep in touch, and thanks for the information.


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