James Yourch yourch@nortel.com
Tue, 29 Aug 2006 09:48:46 PDT
Hi Joe,

I grow many rainlilies that enjoy moist soils, especially Zephyranthes
candida (it loves wet feet), along with its hybrids 'Grandjax', 'Ajax',
and 'Aquarius'.  Z. labuffarosa and its selections also thrive in moist,
even mucky, soils, as does Z. grandiflora, Z. 'El Cielo', Z. 'Cookie
Cutter Moon' and the southeast US native, Z. atamasco.  I have had no
problems with winter dampness with any of these either.  I grow all of
my rainlilies in the ground, but if you want to grow them in containers,
you might try growing some of the above with saucers under the
containers and see if they perform any differently for you.



Joe Shaw wrote:

However, they also seem to thrive on regular irrigation (such as next to
a well watered lawn) as long as they have soil that drains adequately. I
have yet to try/find/hear-about a rainlily that enjoys wet feet.

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