Allium schubertii

Wed, 09 Aug 2006 12:07:18 PDT

I have never really tried to seed A. schubertii, but it has done a good 
job all on its own in my garden.  I have it growing in a combination of 
sand and the native clay soil in Cologne on a sloped bed.  It received 
more than 4 hours of sun most days, but it doesn't really get a baking 
in Summer, just a drought period right after blooming.    Along with A. 
christophii, seedlings abound among the roses and take about 4 years to 
bloom for me.  A. christophii is certainly the better spreader and often 
creates clumps where the seed heads have fallen. A. schubertii sometimes 
skips a year blooming for me and I only see leaves.  I have the feeling 
it is somewhat sensitive to wet conditions during its rest and during 
Winter, as whole patches of seedlings will disappear come Spring.  This 
could be mice, as well.

Hope this helps a bit,

Jamie V.

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