Wiki pictures used without permission

Cynthia Mueller
Sat, 05 Aug 2006 09:08:54 PDT
Bill:  I looked at the item on the Australian e-Bay.  The people's names are evidently Milton and Wendy Edwards.  If you will look near the top of the entry, on the righthand side, there is a link called "Ask seller a question" or somesuch.  Click this, and give them an earful!

Cynthia Mueller
College Station TX

>>> "Bill Dijk" <> 8/5/2006 8:46 AM >>>
Hi Folks,

I noticed one of my photos on Ebay at this address;… 

I don't mind sharing, with permission and proper identification,
This person did not even bother asking, especially when used for commercial 
I don't know this person, or how to contact him/her on Ebay
What can/should I do ? Ask this person to remove my picture ?

Best wishes,

Bill Dijk

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