Allium schubertii

Mary Sue Ittner
Wed, 09 Aug 2006 07:22:07 PDT
Hi all,

Can anyone help Pamela, our newest list member, with her request for help 
growing Allium schubertii from seed? I've tried a couple of times and 
although I've gotten the seeds to germinate, I'm not had luck keeping them 
going long enough to bloom. If memory serves me they have dwindled away 
after a couple of years. I thought since this species is Mediterranean, I 
kept them dormant in summer. Suggestions anyone?

Mary Sue

>I have collected seed from my Allium schubertii and would  appreciate any 
>information on growing them.  I have raised beds or could  use pot culture 
>- all
>within a shade house.
>Pamela from Carefree AZ

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