Allium schubertii

Boyce Tankersley
Wed, 09 Aug 2006 08:15:00 PDT
Hi Pamela:
Lacking information from other sources, I would suggest growing it like they grow commercial onions with a fall seed sowing using rows and furrows (in full sun) and moderate fertilization. Like the edible onion, it should be adapted to cooler weather (relatively speaking) in the winter time and with supplemental irrigation you can meet it's water needs. Depending on your winter, it may or may not go completely dormant (better if it gets cold enough to go dormant) and growth should begin again once temperatures have passed the freezing point. Flowering should be a combination of vernalization and daylength dependent meaning you need a cool period followed by increasing daylengths to initiate bolting of the flower stalk. This is a 'guess' on my part based upon observing my grandfather growing commercial onions in the Rio Grande valley of New Mexico.
Best of luck,
Boyce Tankersley

>I have collected seed from my Allium schubertii and would  appreciate any
>information on growing them.  I have raised beds or could  use pot culture
>- all
>within a shade house.
>Pamela from Carefree AZ

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