Using Wiki Photos

Mary Sue Ittner
Mon, 07 Aug 2006 13:50:59 PDT
All this discussion about someone using Bill's photos without permission is 
a great lead in to a dilemma that we wiki administrators face. Some of you 
may recall that I discovered that a number of our wiki pictures used 
without permission were on a German web site illustrating items for sale. I 
wrote to ask to have them removed, but the owner was on vacation so 
recently I wrote him again and he has removed the pictures that I told him 
about. There were ones of mine and my husband,  and a few from Bob Werra 
and Cameron McMaster. There may have been others, but these are the ones I 
could recognize since I added them to the wiki. John Lonsdale asked to have 
some of his Crocus pictures taken off so I asked to have them removed too, 
but no one else responded and I didn't have time to check for everyone. We 
now have more than 200 subdirectories on our wiki with at least 3 pictures 
in them and in some cases (Allium, Crinum, Iris, Narcissus, Calochortus, 
Moraea to name a few) several hundred pictures in those subdirectories. So 
there is no way possible for me to keep up with them all.

Most of the people who have added pictures to the wiki have not included a 
way to contact them to ask permission to use their photos. A lot of the 
wiki users have wiki pages, but these pages do not included email addresses 
in most cases. So if someone wanted to ask permission to use a specific 
photo they would have to write to the list or wiki administrators and we'd 
have to pass the emails on. This happens from time to time and we do our 
best to respond.

In the course of emailing about the latest photos used without permission, 
the owner wrote back, "I thought about offering a seed voucher of some € 
5.00 (US$ 6.40) per foto plus a copyright note in the species’ description" 
so he could use photos from the wiki. We wiki administrators have discussed 
this and there is not one of us that has either the time or the inclination 
to take the project on of contacting list members whose photos he might 
want to use to get permission. There was a suggestion that we could post 
the name of the photos wanted on the list and if people saw their names, 
they could contact him privately, but that seems a bit off topic to me and 
not something I really want to encourage either.

Here is the website:
If any of you have photographs to illustrate what he is selling and are 
willing to share them in return for a credit and a copyright note, I invite 
you to contact him and give your permission.

Mary Sue

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