Codonopsis sp. - need an identification

John Bryan
Mon, 28 Aug 2006 08:44:30 PDT

This looks like Codonopsis convolvulacea Cheers, John E. Bryan wrote:
> Hello,
> Spontaneously appearing in my garden, twining up through a rhododendron, is a
> Codonopsis species.  I don't have any Codonopsis in the garden, so its
> appearance is somewhat of a mystery.  Possibly I tossed out some old seed, or dumped
> some soil from ungerminated seed flats.  The leaves are glabrous, widely
> elliptical, and arranged in 4-part whorls. The large, waxy, egg-like buds started
> opening just last week, near the end of August 2006.  The flowers are milky
> green-white on the outside, and dull purplish inside (with a faint bluish
> sheen)... solid purplish on the upper half, white heavily spotted purple in the
> lower half.
> Two photos taken in the rain today (8/27/2006):
> Anyone know what species it might be?
> I tried to make an identification online using a Google search, but find
> there are many, many species, it's rather confusing, and I haven't been able to
> pinpoint an ID.
> PS.  This message also sent to Alpine-L.  Since there is a wiki page for
> Codonopsis, I thought I'd post this to PBS as well.
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