An appeal (nursery owners only)

Susan B
Thu, 17 Aug 2006 10:44:05 PDT
People are crazy and plant people can be the worst.  I can truly sympathize with nursery owners after selling a few plants and bulbs online.  People not only want immediate shipping but colors exactly the way the photo looks.  Then they get the plants and they sit in their garage for 3 weeks until they die, whereupon the folks want their money back.
  My only suggestion, which probably isn't feasible for you, is to charge the credit card when you send out the plants, that way people will know their plants are coming.  Speaking from personal experience, people get very nervous when they pay out a lot of money (and $10 is a lot to some folk) and don't immediately get something in their hand.
  I've run into problems from nurseries from both ends of the spectrum- paid $800 up front to an overseas seller who keeps pushing the ship date back- it's been over 3 months and no plants.  
  The second problem was from a reputable US nursery who didn't charge me until they sent my plants- but also didn't reserve the plants for me.  I ordered before their spring catalog was even announced, but when it came time to ship to zone 5, they were out of several of the flowers I ordered.  We're talking several 100s bulbs here, and by the time they let me know in late May, it was too late to order from anyone else.  To a cut flower grower, that is definitely not cool!

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