How about that Wiki

Joe Shaw
Tue, 22 Aug 2006 15:37:11 PDT
Hi Gang,

When I got a moment away from my Crinum-mania, I looked at many pages of the 
PBS Wiki.  It sure has gotten to be a wonderful Web resource.  And it is a 
nice place to learn what some of my email friends are growing (Cynthia put a 
nice photo of Hippeastrum puniceum) and Lee (who has been kind to me in 
trades) has put up some great Hippeastrum images.  Arnold (who is kind 
enough to send me reprints of old articles now and then) has put up good 
information about that horrible Narcissus Bulb Fly.  And so on; it is a nice 
way to learn and a nice way to learn about the interests of others.

Perhaps I'll get to the other genera in time, but for now I'm stuck on the 
amaryllids.  I don't even want to think about the pages of pages of hybrids; 
the species pages are several encyclopedias.

The link to the Indigenous Bulb Association of South Africa was a nice find 
too (  There is much to learn and see in 
the world and some days I think I've just begun.


Conroe TX
Crinum americanum robustum is blooming; the various clumps bloom from mid-to 
late summer, or sometimes fall.  They can repeat but not apparently from the 
same stem).

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