An appeal
Fri, 18 Aug 2006 23:09:26 PDT
Diana ~

Perhaps, I've just been lucky or, maybe, it is just the nature of my 
particular business.  I have, basically, just one product (although in considerable 
variety!) -- daffodils.  I truthfully am unable to recall an instance where I 
was badgered by a customer wanting to know when an order was shipped.  It just 
may be that those who are familiar with -- and mail order -- spring-flowering 
bulbs have been conditioned over the years not to expect to see them until at 
least after Labor Day.

In your particular instance with so many different bulbs/corms/tubers, etc., 
you may have a mix that has to be shipped over a much longer time span and 
different from the concentrated shipping pattern of something like daffodils.  If 
possible, you could state something appropriate along the line of:  "Shipping 
begins the first week of September.  Orders are filled and shipped strictly 
in order of original receipt, i.e., the earliest orders are first.  All orders  
are sent at the appropriate time for successful planting in your area.  For 
the northern tier of states and New England that is the first week of 
September.  Transit time is expected to take up to five days."

As for the email hassle, I really like the suggestion of an "auto response" 
put forth by Don Carndon? Camdon?  Seems like a very good way to recognize and 
answer concerns of customers, yet one that doesn't ignore their concern or 
heavily involve your time in an answer.

Dave Karnstedt
Cascade Daffodils
Silverton, OR  97381-0237

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