Aquatic Crinum

Joe Shaw
Sat, 12 Aug 2006 15:34:58 PDT
 -------------------------->>I grow thaianum and calimistratum (a var. of 
natans). They are >>completely submerged all time. In summer I put them into 
a >>little pond at full sun, in winter (I live in zone 8) I put>> them in an 
aquarium with temperature at 18-20°C. I have not>> seen the flower till now, 
but I hope to.  There is little in>> literature about these items and less 
in horticulture. >>I am experimenting!


Hi Gang,

Last winter I wrote about Crinum thainum and C. natans, and a couple of 
other apparently fully aquatic Crinum species.  Perhaps the plants are 
obligate aquatics, or perhaps they are facultative.  Or maybe they really 
want to be submerged most of the time, but don't require 100% underwater 

Alberto (in Italy) provided a bit of information.  I'd like to try growing 
these plants, and looked for them in a couple of aquarium/fish stores, but 
did not find them.  No doubt, one or another will appear for sale in the 
future-fish stores seem to have erratic shipments of stock.

Anyway, I wonder if Alberto's plants bloomed this year?

Does anyone have a clue about hybrids between these plants and other Crinum? 
As near as I can tell, the genus has specialized in many ways to exploit 
seriously arid environments, forests, savannahs and grasslands, 
sometimes-flooded regions and bog-like areas, and streams.  Such wondrous 
adaptation is not without precedent, but it is special and fun to learn 

So, if you grow the 3 or 4 (or 5 or 6) aquatic Crinum, I'd enjoy hearing 
about your experiences and observations, whether in aquaria or in the 



Conroe TX

No rain for a week or more, and so I've been watering the summer-growing 

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