Repotting Tecophilaea

Bill Dijk
Wed, 23 Aug 2006 03:09:04 PDT
Hi Rodger,

In addition to Jane McCary's excellent potting mix, I personally would add a
few grains of a well balanced, 8-9 months slow release, low nitrogen, NPK
fertiliser with trace elements (available from most garden centres)
As a rule I add it to most of our mixes, including the Tecophilaea type form
and variety violacea, with outstanding results and good sized corms.
From seed I usually get them to flower after 3 years.

Best wishes,

Bill Dijk

Tauranga, New Zealand :annual rainfall :1250 mm.
Sunshine hours, mean annual  :  2350 hours.
Temp.mean max.Summer : 25°C.   winter:///15°C/.
Temp.mean min. Summer :14.5°C. Winter: 5°C.
Wet mild Winters with occasional light frost.

>> The type form and var. leichtlinii seem to have done well and formed
>> a reasonable number of flowering size corms, but var. violcacea
>>formed only what you might call "half size" corms.
> In my experience, violacea is markedly less hardy than the typical T.
> cyanocrocus. I don't think there is any important difference between ssp.
> cyanocrocus and ssp. leichtlinii; judging from the description of the
> rediscovered wild populations, they are just color variants, the latter
> having more white in the throat.
> I grow mine in a mix with a lot of pumice (including fines), which is what
> they would have in the wild; it provides ample iron and potassium.

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