Lycoris and Rain

James Waddick
Thu, 17 Aug 2006 09:12:11 PDT
Dear all'
	We have discussed this before (Ad nauseum to some), but here goes.

	I reported earlier about the drought and heat in my Kansas 
City garden. I've had a handful of Lycoris flower stalks.
	We have also speculated about the immediate effects of rain 
on stalk production.

	2 days ago we had 1.3 in of rain after weeks of drought.  One 
Lycoris bed went from 3 substandard stalks to over 25 stalks. Another 
went from 0 stalks to over a dozen and now stalks are appearing in 
every bed.
	Maybe a total of under a dozen stalks to over 100 stalks.

	These are primarily the earlier species - L. squamigera, L. 
chinensis and L. longituba. A few buds have also appeared in L. 
caldwellii and L. sprengeri, but these are usually a week or so later 
than the earlier bloomers.

	I am firmly convinced that rain does immediately influence 
flowering on these species and delayed rains are directly related to 
delayed flowering.

		Convinced. Now I see the obvious. Duh!		Best	Jim W.

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