Crinum reblooming

Joe Shaw
Sat, 12 Aug 2006 09:54:38 PDT
What I mean for reblooming is a plant which sends scapes i.e. in June and 
again in August or September. So far the only true reblooming crinum I grow 
is Cecil Houdyshel.

Hi Gang and Angelo,

I agree with the proposed definition of reblooming.  For me, C. bulbispermum 
Jumbo hybrids do the typical 2-4 scapes in Spring and then slow down for 
summer.  Mature plants, if well watered, will put up more blooms in late 
August and right up till frost.

Therefore, I was happy to see 'Bradley' reblooming this summer.  'Eagle 
Rock' reblooms, irregularly but relalibly.  'Summer Nocturne' is late to 
start but if you keep it well watered a clump just keeps blooming till 
November (later if no frosts)--not every week but reliably often. 
'Hannibals Dwarf' reblooms in late summer and sometimes tries to make a 
third performance before frost--it too needs lots of water to keep on track.

Some C. asiaticum-like plants (or hybrids) seem to bloom off and on till 
frost cuts them down.  They may bloom early in the season, or wait till June 
to start, but then they can keep making flowers.  C. x augustum seems to 
bloom only in winter, and it is not suitable for me to grow becuase I don't 
protect my plants from cold.  However, friends in Houston (a bit warmer) 
grow it in frost-free gardens where it reliably blooms several times from 
December till spring.  They may experience drop to 31-33 F once or twice a 
winter, but plants near the house never feel that cold.

I've finally decided that one key for rebloom is water, water, water.  I 
think they need several years of good, regular irrigation (no month-long 
droughts) before Crinum give their best performances.  I can't be sure, but 
that's my current "hypothesis of the week."



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