Manfreda and Polianthes

aaron floden
Sat, 02 Dec 2006 16:33:36 PST
 I grow several variegated cultivars of tuberosa, but
have never tried wintering them. I am trying Manfreda
maculosa outside this winter. M.virginica has begun to
seed around after three good years in the garden. My
original plants from Don Jacobs slowly dwindled away.
I assume that the origin of those was southern and
they lacked cold tolerance. The current ones are from
an unknown Missouri location and a known one near

 Speaking of Polianthes hybrids, does anyone have
access to the Polianthes papers from ISHS/Acta
Horticulturae? They have two papers; one on dwarfs,
and the other just hybrids in general. 

 Or access to Verhoeks dissertation?

 Verhoek's hybrids, like many botanical/hoticultural
studies, were limited to the study and most likely
later destroyed, or left to fade away. I assume a few
were given to interested people. You would think by
now that they would be fairly "widespread" in the
collectors circles if they made it out.

 Aaron Floden
 Manhattan, Kansas 

--- James Waddick <> wrote:

> 	I grow three species of Polianthes and always 
> bring them in for winter, but how hardy are they 
> outdoors? I did a quick Google and came up with Zone
> 6 - 7 - 8 and 9 !  

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