Embarrassing bulb moments

Joe Shaw jshaw@opuntiads.com
Sun, 17 Dec 2006 07:17:48 PST
Hi Gang,

    Most of us have probably done silly things now and then.  If I'm in a 
good mood I try to learn from my mistakes; if I'm cranky I stew for a while. 
I've divided embarrassing bulb moments into 2 categories:  private and 
public.  The private moments are more common and include things like:  1) 
forgetting to water seeds, 2)  bulb murder by shovel, 3) losing labels on 
pots, etc.
    It is the public moment that really make me laugh, at least 
retrospectively.  Once I was trying to dig Hymenocallis liriosme bulbs in a 
wet location.  A passerby stopped to talk; his mission was to point out a 
better place to find crayfish, he never supposing I wanted to dig up plants. 
We talked for a moment, and then another person stopped because he thought 
we might have found crayfish.  I explained that I was interested in the 
bulbs; then I proceeded to show off my knowledge.  Instead I got stuck in 
the muck and fell on my bum in the muck.  The conversation then turned to 
proper tools and wading boots.

    Another discomfiting moment happened a year or two ago.  I had placed a 
seed order with Silverhill seeds.  After verifying the items and calculating 
the costs I had to cancel the order because I was way over my plant budget 
for the year.  I was a bit chagrined that I had to cancel, but the really 
poignant part was the my way-over-budget-spending was gently pointed out by 
my companion of many years; just a week earlier I had made some silly 
comment about the need for discipline in our expenditures.



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