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Ronald Redding ron_redding@hotmail.com
Mon, 04 Dec 2006 13:34:51 PST

You have described what I aim to become almost exactly.

I fell in love with a cream clivia almost 15 years ago and started 
collecting. I decided six years ago that I wanted a hobby nursery 
specialising in bulbs I sold my first plant last year and can still count 
the number of plants I have been able to sell in total on body parts (ie 
fingers and toes).

I have had a job full time job over these years and have just gone part time 
two months ago to twenty five hours per week so I can spend more time in the 
garden building some infrastructure as I planned to have finished four years 
ago. It has been a long and hard journey but also a passion. I once read the 
problem with small nurseries is that they are run by plant lovers and that 
is their problem they don't always love the plants that sell to the mass 

One day I will retire and be able to spend more time in the garden with the 
hope that I will be able to supplement my income with some plant sales.

Kind Regards and Best Wishes
Ron Redding
Hervey Bay

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>Dear Jim and all:
> > So here's my thoughts... why aren't there more new mom-n-pop
> > nurseries that sell specialty plants really well?
>We've seen a big increase in small specialty nurseries in the past two
>decades, and I hope this is the wave of the future, but land prices and
>competition from big enterprises both here and overseas is putting a real
>dent in this.
>Telos Rare Bulbs
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