an introduction

~ DanD
Fri, 01 Dec 2006 10:59:33 PST
Hello all, I signed onto this mail list a week or so ago. My main area
of growing is primarily in South African succulents - specifically
Mesembs. One of the areas I've been branching out to though has been
bulbs. One of my all time favorite plants is Bowiea volubilis - I
don't know if this qualifies as a bulb in the truest sense - many
would not qualify it as a succulent either.

Over the years I've acquired a variety of dwarf SA bulbs such as
Albuca, Bulbine, Massonia, Schizobasis etc. and there's a few I'm
actively trying to hunt down - specifically Gethyllis. I'm assuming
many of these may be strange names to you since most of the ones I've
read about in the postings are certainly strange to me!

Anyway, my primary attraction to the group is to learn more about
bulbs in general and look forward to contributing where I can

Cambridge MA/USA area
zone 6

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