Jane McGary
Sat, 16 Dec 2006 17:52:37 PST
John Lonsdale asked, I took a look at your new photos and remain as 
confused as ever about
>Sternbergia clusiana.  ... It seems to be a mid-late fall flowering plant 
>that flowers well before the
>leaves appear. Even in the greenhouse the leaves appear in mid-winter and are
>broader, thinner and flatter and less glossy than those of lutea, for
>example.  However, they are not quite as broad as those of fischeriana,
>whose leaves are beautifully glaucus - just like in your wiki picture of
>those that came from Panayoti.  Is there any reason the latter might not be
>fischeriana - if they flowered in very late fall?

My mystery Sternbergia flowers in October here in the bulb frame, and it 
looks exactly like the S. clusiana I saw in the wild, as far as my visual 
impression goes. I have not read anything about S. fischeriana that 
suggests it flowers anytime other than spring. My own plant's leaves are 
definitely gray, or glaucous, which led me to think it must be S. 
fischeriana, but the bloom time is certainly wrong.

Jane McGary
Northwestern Oregon, USA

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