Sternbergia DNA

Jim McKenney
Mon, 18 Dec 2006 07:21:23 PST
Ben Zonneveld mentioned something which might be the answer to a question
which has long puzzled me. He mentioned a triploid Sternbergia lutea.


I've never known Sternbergia lutea to set seed. 


I have long suspected that the Sternbergia lutea of gardens is triploid. And
furthermore I have often wondered if it is one of those plants of garden
origin which does not correspond exactly to any known wild plant. 


So here is the question which arises: are there any populations of the
broad-leaf form of Sternbergia commonly known as S. lutea which set seed,
which correspond to sexually reproducing populations? 


Did this broad-leaf garden form arise as a hybrid between a narrow leafed
form such as the ones often called sicula and some other broad leafed
species such as S. clusiana?  




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