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John T Lonsdale john@johnlonsdale.net
Mon, 25 Dec 2006 05:54:15 PST
I have just added over 500 new images to my web site
(http://www.edgewoodgardens.net/).  There is something of interest to members
of all the lists included in the distribution, hence the cross posting.
Unsurprisingly there are a number of new cyclamen images, also trilliums.
The pictures (with the obvious exception of the Spanish Moss) were taken in
the garden here over the past year.  I particularly like the flowers of
Pachysandra procumbens and that of Podophyllum hexandrum that I thought at
first had fallen off a neighboring plant!  Spigelia marilandica makes a more
stunning show every year and is still the last plant I'd expect to encounter
in the eastern woods, it looks far too exotic.  I'm looking forward to
seeing Spigelia gentianoides this year.  There are also pictures of a really
nice pink Dicentra cuccularia.  I've added some crocuses; Crocus nerimaniae
flowered for the first time here this past fall (thanks Helmut), as did the
white Crocus longiflorus Primrose Warburg.  I also flowered a stunning pure
white Crocus longiflorus from a friend in New Zealand, and a white Crocus
salzmannii that has a yellow throat, unlike the pure white El Torcal.

I've tried to fix as many mis-namings as possible but I'm sure there are
plenty left - please let me know if you see anything out of whack

Comments welcome as usual.

Thanks and have a great holiday,


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