Jane McGary
Tue, 05 Dec 2006 16:35:44 PST
Diana Chapman wrote,
We had a discussion not long ago about germinating Tropaeolum seed.  It has
>a reputation for being difficult, and I, myself have had difficulties in the
>past.  I have a very nice collection of about ten species, most of which I
>grew from seed from Watson & Flores.  Their seed germinated just fine - why
>didn't mine?  I figured that the difference could be that my seed was stored
>in cool conditions. ... This year I left the seed it its containers in
>the greenhouse

My experience with seed from western South America has been that the best 
germination is achieved by storing the seed dry at room temperature over 
the summer. I just leave it in paper packets in a box in a back corner of 
the kitchen counter, then plant it in the fall. Probably the maximum 
temperature during storage is 80 F. I haven't tried soaking the seeds as 
Diana did, but I'll try it the next time on some of the large seeds such as 

Jane McGary
Northwestern Oregon, USA

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