Off topic; was Re: The Veracity of Google

Jim McKenney
Mon, 11 Dec 2006 18:02:25 PST
Lee Poulsen wrote of wikipedia: "Plus, almost all the articles have a host
of references at the bottom both from online sources as well as printed
sources. So you can investigate both the topic and its accuracy even

I share Lee's enthusiasm for the wikipedia, too. And last week I had the
sort of experience which is a good example of the advice quoted from Lee
above. I was checking the entry for an early twentieth century singer about
whom I thought I already knew everything of note. There, at the bottom of
the article, was a link to a YouTube film/sound track which, until then, I
didn't know existed. 

A second later, I was listening and watching: if I had been in a church and
one of the statues had spoken to me, I would not have been as amazed. 

I've since shared this with a few friends who share this arcane interest,
and they're as amazed as I am. 

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