Hippeastrum petiolatum.

Alani Davis adavis@ecoresource.com
Sat, 09 Dec 2006 05:53:21 PST
Robert -

"Can anyone direct me to an online picture detail of the foliage of H.
petiolatum? I take it from the name that the foliage is somehow stemmed at
emergence from the bulb.......is that true?"

It is petiolate with the blade of the foliage narrower near the base giving
it a somewhat stem-like appearance like Crinum jagus (some forms more than
others), Hymenocallis eucharidifolia, H. tubiflora, or Eucharis, but it is
not truly stemmed. However, in Hippeastrum petiolatum it is not nearly so


Alani Davis
Tallahassee, Florida

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