off topic; was RE: Embarrassing bulb moments

Roy Herold
Tue, 19 Dec 2006 05:43:44 PST
Well, this can't compare to alligators, but I did get chased by baboons 
while photographing lachenalias at Cape Point. Even scarier is the fact 
that the same area seems to be infested with zillions of ticks. I'm not 
sure if they're from the baboons or the ostriches. These ticks crawl 
several times faster than American ticks (deer or dog), so check your 
trousers early and often.

Then there was the bull in the Drakensberg that decided he owned the 
trail, and did not want me to take pictures of that cute little 

NW Boston, MA
Global warming update: Colchicum kesselringii in the cold frame has been 
  blooming for a week.

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