Monocots list

B.J.M. Zonneveld
Wed, 06 Dec 2006 03:21:13 PST
I have much respect for the tremendous amount of work that was needed to
make the monocot list Especially the complete lists of synonyms is
valuable in most cases. However R Govaerts who seems to have compliled
several ( all?) lists of recognized species cannot be a specialist on
all genera (He made also lists of all Palms, Euphorbiaceae, Fabales
etc). Moreover the list cannot be based on much if any new (DNA) data as
these are not yet available. Consequently if I look only at the
Narcissus list there are several instances were in my opinion not the
proper choice was made. Moreover the number of species recognized ( 55 )
not to mention the large number of subspecies seems to clash with the
much lower number of 26 species recognized in Flora Europaea by Webb.
Still it is an improvement from the about 87 species recognized in the
Daffodill register of 2006. So don't change labels too fast or at least
keep the old label too.

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