Global warming? Local warming for sure!

Jim McKenney
Mon, 18 Dec 2006 14:30:15 PST
Colchicum kesselringii is blooming today. The plant in question grows in a
pot in a cold frame; the cold frame has been open all season except for
three recent nights. Another plant of the same species shows no sign of

More Galanthus elwesii are coming into bloom here and there; these are the
typical forms with two green blotches or one long green smudge. 

And little Ambrosina bassii has finally come into bloom. If you don't know
this elfin aroid, try to imagine an entire plant of skunk cabbage,
Symplocarpus foetidus, shrunk down to the diameter of a CD. This one
definitely has a significant cute factor.

Several Lachenalia are about to bloom, too. 

Some plants of Fritillaria biflora and F. liliacea have foliage up above

I'm still planting tulips and lilies. Temperatures topped 70 degrees F today

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