aaron floden aaron_floden@yahoo.com
Thu, 07 Dec 2006 04:25:35 PST

 A large portion of his Chinese material seems to come
from Chen Yi, where some of his pictures are from. His
"new" offerings follow hers by one season most years.
Some of his Japanese stuff looks like it comes from
Shikoku Gardens. European bulbs look to be mostly from
Hoog & Dix, which I think is now just Dix Export.
Not sure on the South African stuff, but some of it
comes in mature. So, either someone grows it and he
resells it or it is wild collected stuff.

 With such a wide range of plants I would doubt that
most of it is nursery grown. At least a few of the
plants do have collection numbers with them
identifying their origin.

 Aaron Floden
 Manhattan, KS

--- Verena Roesch <verena.roesch@uni-konstanz.de>

> Hello all!
> does anyone know where "rareplants.co.uk" get their
> material from? On
> their website they do not tell and I like to check
> before ordering.
> Best wishes
> Verena
> Germany
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