Bulbs for microcredit business - reinventing the wheel

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> Additionally there are numerous commercial wholesale 
> nurseries that export to the west. There are a variety of research 
> institutes and universities devoted to these topics. Granted these 
> may not be accessible to the poorest and most isolated people.

 Maybe that is what Joe is getting at......those people who are "out of the loop".    Joe?

>.... but India is far from the 'start 
> up' situation you suggest.
And yet there are many people looking for their start-up in this already started-up industry. How might Joe's efforts help them?

> Hate to burst a bubble here, but this is not really realistic 
> at this stage.

Anything more you have to offer to help make this more realistic would be of benefit! I am dirt-poor myself here in the USA and would also benefit more specific input over a general "not realistic" pronouncement. I don't mean to be insulting, but if I am being "unrealistic" due to the lack of understanding or adequete information, please, fill me in in. You seem to have a better prespective than I have. Do you have a better long-range plan for India or for those of us in the US who might be looking for a productive means of earning an income?


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