Babiana angustifolia

Joe Shaw
Thu, 28 Dec 2006 15:41:23 PST
Hi Gang,

I just found a pot of B. angustifolia seed-grown plants that I've neglected 
for 2 years.  Several shoots are emerging and I guess the species is a 
winter grower that cool weather.  This species seems to have some synonums 
including B. pulchra (Salisb).

The seed tag says "January, 2005," so they've been hanging in there for 2 
years in a mostly shady location next to the house--they were irrigated as 
part of a group of plants.  Now that I've rediscovered them, how should I 
treat them?  There are 6 plants, each 2-3 inches tall, all growing in a 
single gallon container of store-bought potting soil (seeds from Silverhill 

How tall will they get?
Do they like fertilizer?
Can I put them in a bigger pot and take them indoors to dry out for summer?
Can they take a hard frost if not in bloom?
Are there any tips for growing them "the lazy way."


Conroe TX

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