Northwest Native Seed

Laura & Dave
Sat, 23 Dec 2006 00:48:43 PST
Just a quick note, to let those that aren't familiar with Ron Ratko, 
doing business as Northwest Native Seed, know of the release of his 2006 
wild collected seed list. Included are Erythroniums, Iris, Calochortus 
and many, many other genera of all types (bulb, shrubs, trees, annuals, 
etc.).  The seed list is an incredible resource in of itself, with very 
detailed descriptions, often including location, soil, times, 
orientation and taxonomic comparisons. My personal experience and his 
reputation with others put him at the top of the scale.  He can be 
reached and a seed list requested (in .doc, .rtf or .pdf formats) at
Happy Holidays, Everyone
Dave B

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