Amaryllis belladonna self-fertile?

Leo A. Martin
Tue, 19 Dec 2006 15:24:34 PST
I've planted a number of Amaryllis belladonna over the years but none ever
flowered here in Phoenix, Arizona, until this fall. Most don't even
survive long.

I had one spike with an umbel of beautiful, heavy, ruffled, pink fragrant
flowers. I don't even recall planting it, though it must have been me,
since it's in a raised bed I constructed in 1987.

Well, it seems to have set seed. There were no other amaryllids blooming
anywhere nearby as far as I can tell. I harvested the seeds today; they
sure look like viable Amaryllidaceae seed: round, translucent, with
beautiful dark pink patches on the epidermis.

I'm going to plant them, of course, but... Is this plant normally
self-fertile? If not, what is going on? Is it known for apomixis?

Leo Martin
Phoenix Arizona USA

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