The Veracity of Google

James Waddick
Mon, 11 Dec 2006 14:52:00 PST
>Has anyone else followed many of the photo links on World Checklist pages?
>At present, they're set up to do a Google search of images under whichever
>name you've clicked, with the thoroughly bizarre result that all sorts of
>erroneous photos appear.

Dear All;
	Has no one noticed that anyone can post anything to the WWW 
and that truth and reality sometimes have no relationship to the 
information found there? "Expertise" is very relative.

	Whether it is picture or text, opinion or just plain crazy, 
somehow all get equal billing.

	I am not meaning to chastise Google as it is true of 
everything you see on the web. The reader must always keep a high 
degree of skepticism available. After all any sane person might give 
more credulity to  garden information  in a vetted botanical garden's 
authorized publication, than to Joe Smith's garden site.
	But hundred's of people send money to share in some Nigerian 
king's wealth or reply to a lottery they never entered.

	I suspect that RBG Kew may add a word of warning if enough 
people comment directly to the authors of this site. I doubt they 
mean to lead anyone astray.

	Caveat Emptor still holds true regardless of the 'cost' of 
the information.

		Best		Jim W.
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