Bulbs for microcredit business, many questions for IBS members

Diana Chapman rarebulbs@cox.net
Sun, 03 Dec 2006 10:20:41 PST
Here are some more questions:

Is there a sufficient market for these bulbs, both domestically and

Would they be competing against others who already are well-established in
growing and marketing these bulbs, i.e. the Dutch?

Do they have sufficient resources to grow healthy bulbs?  I don't know of
any 'bullet-proof' bulbs, especially Amaryllidaceae, which are disease prone
and need applications of very expensive pesticides (think bulb scale mites
and stagonospora curtisii).

Are the import/export regulations such that very small enterprises could
deal with them?

The downfall of most small businesses is that they don't address some of
these questions, especially whether there is a market, and whether the
market is already being supplied by businesses that are large, expert and

Sorry to sound negative, but I have first-hand experience with this :-)))

Telos Rare Bulbs

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