Angelo Porcelli
Sun, 17 Dec 2006 01:35:43 PST
For those interested, here a link to some photos of Sternbergia.…
pic1-shows two 'large' flowered S.lutea, with wide and narrow tepals
pic2-is a close up of a S.sicula from John Lonsdale ex Wallis Crete
pic3-compares my large lutea vs. sicula from Paul Christian
pic4-compares my large lutea vs. clusiana
pic5- S.clusiana

My S.clusiana flower in October, totally leafless. Leaves don't appears 
before January. Fruits are set, at ground level, but easily destroied by 
The leaves are dull green, a bit twistes and as wide as the large lutea.
This last have flowers 80mm long and 30mm wide.

Fisheriana and candida will flower soon in January, pushing leaves at the 
same time.

Hope this help

Angelo Porcelli
south of Italy

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