Bulbs for microcredit business - reinventing the wheel

Lis Allison lis@pine-ridge.ca
Mon, 04 Dec 2006 06:09:49 PST
Hello Ellen,

I'm just a lurker on the bulbs list, but felt I really wanted to say 
something, in reply or addition to your remarks re bulbs for microcredit 
and starting businesses halfway around the world.

What bothers me most is that these attempts to start micro-businesses in 
the third world usually end up lining the pockets of those who profess to 
be trying to help. I know of several people who have made very good money 
trying to 'help' the economies in Sri Lanka. I am sufficiently disgusted 
by this to protest whenever I can.

Anyway, your comments seem right on to me. That said, as a micro-business 
owner myself, in civilized Canada, in a 'normal' business, I can tell you 
that a micro-loan at the start would have helped enormously. As it was, 
it was impossible to get less than $150,000 without putting my car up as 
collateral and calling it a VISA account.....something wrong there, 

Carp, Ontario, Canada, near Ottawa, zone 4/5

Elisabeth Allison
Pine Ridge Studio

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