Crinum help.

P. C. Andrews
Sat, 18 Feb 2006 14:27:49 PST
I've uploaded a photo of Crinum asiaticum (somewhat fuzzy) to the Mystery 
Bulb page on the Wiki.  Its not an unidentified bulb in the usual sense, but 
I do have a question about it.  This was a dark red offset from an ancient 
but otherwise normal looking Crinum asiaticum.  The parent did have a faint 
red blush to the leaves that I put down to an extreme drought and direct 
tropical sun.  None of the nearby asiaticums had a similar blush.  Its shape 
and coloring is not like my current procerums, although with age, the red 
has darkened with purple that is a little bit closer in hue to procerum 
'Queen Emma'.
I do rather like the fade to green in the older leaves.  Is this normal 
I would appreciate comments from anyone more familiar with crinum than I 
(that would be most of you, I suspect).…


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