Sternbergia question

Jane McGary
Sat, 11 Feb 2006 16:42:41 PST
The new "Flowers of Crete" by Fielding, Turland & Mathew has some comments 
on distinguishing species of Sternbergia, introduced by the comment, "The 
similar appearance of the three autumnal species, and the existence of 
mixed popoulations, can be very confusing. The differences are supposedly 
distinct, but certainly complex." There follows a summary based on the 
revision of Sternbergia in the southern Aegean by Kamari and Artelari 
(Willdenowia 19:367-388, 1990).

They accept S. sicula as a species, differing from lutea in that sicula has 
leaves with a glaucous central stripe and lutea has solid glossy green 
leaves, and sicula's tepals are "usually" pointed at the apex, while 
lutea's are rounded. However, they publish a photo of a big colony of 
apparent sicula with an individual in the middle of it having flowers like 
lutea (leaves not present at time of flowering).

The third autumnal species on Crete is S. greuteriana, a mini-Sternbergia 
which is a favorite of mine.

Jane McGary
Northwestern Oregon, USA

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