Ranunculus asiaticus

James Waddick jwaddick@kc.rr.com
Wed, 22 Feb 2006 19:00:27 PST
>Ranunculus asiaticus has various attractive color forms in the wild, but
>I've never seen it offered for sale. Rix's "Bulbs" describes it as "tender,
>killed at -10 [C]," which would not strike us on the Pacific Coast as
>"tender." Does anyone know where I can get some fresh seed or rhizomes of
>this plant?

Dear Jane;
	I got a single dried rhizome from Vlastimil Pilous in Czech 
Rep a year ago last Fall. It bloomed true to color- bright red - in 
spring and multiplied enough that I have a few that have already 
started in active growth now. I believe he also offered a couple 
other color forms, but he is very erratic about what he offers and 
when. I keep it totally dry over winter and in a frost free 
greenhouse. It is a beauty and easy in general.  I suspect it would 
do fine in your bulb frames.

	The dormant plant looks like the florist Ranunculus, but on a 
smaller scale: a cluster of tuberous roots attached to a single 
growing point.

	Mine has not outgrown a gallon nursery pot.

		Best Jim W.
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