Hymenocalllis liriosme: Conroe, TX

ConroeJoe@aol.com ConroeJoe@aol.com
Mon, 27 Feb 2006 16:17:11 PST
Hi Gang,

The local H. liriosme-type plants is an early bloomer, a welcome sight in 
spring.  I photographed 2 plants over the weekend; the earliest bloom opened on 
2/15 or 2/16.  Last year they opened about 2/26 and the year before it was 
about March 5.  They sure open a lot earlier than many populations.  

Right on the coast there is a population I've been monitoring for about 4 
years; the first flowers there have never opened before April 1.  Those plants 
are at least half a climate zone warmer, and some years nearly a whole climate 
zone warmer.  Yet, they bloom a month behind my local plants.  

So, the Conroe plants open a 3-5 weeks before the coastal plants.  And the 
Conroe plants are smaller.  Who knows, perhaps the Conroe plants are just a 
minor variation on a theme or perhaps there are real differences between the 2 

In the photos (see LINKs below), the Conroe plants are in standing water.  It 
doesn't show but they are in a man-made low area that is slated to become the 
next 2 lanes of a 4-lane highway.  This winter was dry, and many of the 
Conroe plants have not bloomed yet.  I will be curious to see if the population by 
the coast gives its normally heavy bloom, or if they have reduced bloom.  In 
my garden H. liriosme often blooms even if not submerged for the winter.   

LINK:  H. liriosme, photo 1, Conroe, 2006 (submerged)

LINK 2:  H. liriosme, photo 2, Conroe, 2006 (submerged)

LINK 3:  H. liriosme, photo 3, coastal, May 2005 (not submerged)

LINK 4:  H. liriosme, near Victoria, TX (near western and southern limit for 


Conroe Joe

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