Phytosanitary Inspection

Myke Ashley-Cooper
Sat, 25 Feb 2006 19:11:15 PST
I don't know about the USA but all the bulbs and seeds I receive from the PBS, and others, sail happily in padded envelopes into my post box without ever being opened or checked.
They are normally only marked "Botanical specimens". Maybe it will work the other way too?

Myke Ashley-Cooper
in (sometimes 3rd world) South Africa
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  need some help/advice. I am planning on sending Dionysia seed to the US. What requirements exist to get seed past USDA inspection?

   a. Can all dionysia species be listed on same inspection sheet?
   b. What about hybrids?
   c. Does anyone have a correctly filled out formular?

  I am afraid our local agricultural office does not know.

  Thank you.

  Gerhard Stickroth, Bavaria, Germany
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