Advertizing on Web Sites
Tue, 21 Feb 2006 18:55:55 PST
Hi Gang,

I'm looking for input from all of you about click-type advertising on Web 
sites.  Specifically, I wonder what you think about click-type ads on "Crinums In 
East Texas: Notes From Marcelle Sheppard."  The ads are at the top of the 
page, or on the side, and you can ignore them or click on them.  

The PBS provides totally ad-free bulb information; I do enjoy and admire 
that.  However, I would like to hear from PBS readers about the click ads on the 
Crinum Web site:  1) are they distracting, 2) are they suitable in any way or 
entirely unsuitable, 3) would you just prefer they go away, 4) would you like 
to know more about the advertisers (e.g., do they put cookies on your machine, 
etc.), or 5) please just sound off and tell me what you think.  

The ads are not necessary, but I have encouraged the Web host/publisher to 
put them up as a way to defray site costs.  The ads are not Marcelle Sheppard's 
idea but she will tolerate them if they are not out of bounds.  I cannot 
really know how much revenue such ads bring, but I understand that each time 
someone clicks on an ad a penny or more will be deposited to an account for the Web 
host/publisher. Possibly, the entire cost of the Web space rental could be 
earned in a year (est. $150.00).  

In any event, popup type ads and/or spam-like ads will never be found on the 
Crinums in East Texas Web site.  

Please write to me privately.


Conroe Joe

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