Proselytizing for Grass Aloes

Leo A. Martin
Sun, 19 Feb 2006 13:28:02 PST
ConroeJoe wrote

> I have to brag about Aloe cooperi, a deciduous Aloe.

Congratulations. The grass aloes (so-called because they tend to grow in
grass and look like clumps of grass) are considered fairly hard to grow
outside a preferred climate, which from my reading is warm but not hot in
summer, fairly moist, and quite cool and dry in the winter - but not with
extended freezing temperatures. In other words, I would think summers like
in northern North America, the Pacific Northwest, and Europe, and winters
like the southwestern USA.

They are frequently just winter annuals here in Phoenix.

I haven't heard of any aloes that are self-fertile. They are, however,
able to set seed with almost any other aloe species or hybrid, which is
why seed from a garden with lots of aloes is rarely true to the female

Leo Martin
Phoenix Arizona USA

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